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The Dri-Aire system offers many
important advantages to the indoor pool owner
  • The Dri-Aire dehumidification system is designed for year round use to eliminate extreme humidity in indoor swimming pool and hot tub areas.
  • The Dri-Aire system will remove unwanted humidity that will damage the pool building and at the same time heat the area, reducing the cost of operation up to 70%. Depending on the system you order it may also cool the space and/or heat the pool water making this investment even more attractive. This approach to controlling humidity will extend the life of the pool enclosure and make indoor swimming more enjoyable without the old problems.
  • The pool water will absorb heat from the air that is heated by the Dri-Aire system. The humidity that is removed from the air can be drained outside or into a floor drain. The heat gain while dehumidifying in conjunction with the pool being heated, in some cases will eliminate the need for reheat. Thus, the pool heater can operate less to maintain the desired temperature.
  • When the Dri-Aire system is operating, it will reduce the maintenance cost of the area being dehumidified, by reducing the formation of rust, corrosion, mildew, and preventing the loosening of plaster from the walls and ceilings.

The Dri-Aire system may not eliminate all of the condensation from forming on single pane glass windows on the outside walls of the area being dehumidified; therefore, additional heat may have to be added. In order to reduce this heat loss, double pane windows should be installed.

**Cooling or heating of the room and/or heating of the pool will only occur if there is a demand for dehumidification. This system's primary operation is for the dehumidifcation of the space, all other benefits achieved with either the standard configuration or with one or more of the optional accessories is secondary.
Dri Aire Diagram
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General Description
  • Steel cabinet is fully insulated, the insulation encases all air passages to insure quiet & efficient operation.
  • Evaporator and condenser coils are constructed of copper tubes and aluminum fins mechanically bonded for maximum heat transfer efficiency and are herisite coated for longer life.
  • Multi-speed direct drive motors are thermally protected against overload and provide a wide range of air flow and duct static capabilities.
  • The Dri-Aire units can be ordered in the up-flow, Horizontal Left to Right or the Horizontal Right to Left configurations. (Please specifiy configuration when ordering.)
  • The Dri-Aire unit can be ordered with optional Water Condenser and/or Out Door condenser options.
  • The Dri-Aire unit comes with a one-year limited warranty and the compressor has an extended four year limited warranty. (A total of five years on the compressor!)
Dri Aire Specs
Call for information about larger units or if you have any questions! 1-877-231-5719

PDF Manual Click here to view the Dri Aire Manual in PDF format. (1.29MB)

To view the PDF format you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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